Vice President's Report

Bass Club Members:

Another Best Six come and gone. I want to thank all of the Directors for a good job on getting the Raffle tickets in for this year.

Every District had an increase in sales for the last year. Great job let's see if we can sustain this for next year. I also want to thank Dan Touchet and his wife Margie and Maxine for their efforts , District Directors , Steve Gibson(1), Jim Foster(3)his wife Julia , Gerald Terry(4) his wife C.T., Britt Jones(5) , Larry Boudreaux(6) his wife Marilynn. Also Elray Boudreaux District 6 Assistant Director.

Big thanks also go out to Larry David and his wife Ingrid; Lance Trahan ,Tori Arceneaux,Missy Boudreaux And also two of the writers Tessie Cooper and Lauren Hebert. And to the cook Nap Grimmet and his wife Faye.

We also had Wade Ferguson at the top of the hill and Mike Touchet and Wayne Edwards for handling all of the fish at the bottom of the hill.

Congratulations also goes out to the Bussey Reservoir Bass Club for winning the 2011 Best Six Tournament.

The winner of the club boat was Southern Boyz Bass club and the individual winner was Ricky Benoit of Thibodaux.

Those of you that qualified for the T.O.C. for this year need to keep posted to the flood waters. The tournament may be postponed . We will keep you informed. You can check on the website

Once again thanks to everyone for a great Best Six and looking forward to next year.

Good Luck and Good Fishing!!!!!

Ronnie L. Cooper
Vice-President ALBC