President's Report

As the ALBC year comes to a close we have seen some new and some old last year for the association and as the New Year starts we will see some old and new for the new year for the association.

Last year saw the association move to a new location for the Best Six and a tournament with a new name, the Classic with a new site and new support from Big Bass Marina. The old was the support from sponsors that have been supportive of the association for some time now. Also the continue support from the members of the association. The ALBC also had a new endeavor with the beginning of the Junior Division and the inauguration of the High School Bass Clubs into the ALBC.

The New Year will see the association returning to San Miguel, for one year for the Best Six. The new for the New Year for the association, will be the installation of a new President for the association. Elray Boudreaux will assume the position of President to fulfill the final year of my term in office.

During my terms in office, there has seen many changes with the association. Several years back, the association assumed the operation of the Best Six tournament, which changes needed to be done before that took place. The association has gained valuable sponsors of the past few years, such as Academy, Nitro, Mercury, Interstate Batteries, V & M Baits, SRA, Sabine Tourism, Toledo Tackle, Red River Waterway Commission, Natchitoches and others I hope I have not missed and we have been grateful for that. It has been hard to maintain the support from the sponsors especially with a tough economy we have experienced theses last few years. We have seen some of the association’s six youth fishing tournaments really grow in numbers and some areas have declined but the overall numbers seem to hold over the years. I have been very grateful for the support the ALBC Board has given me over the years. The ALBC had a great team/staff directing the workings of the association with the interest of its members in mind. I believe the members will not see any changes to how the association will be governed in the New Year. I trust the staff of the association.

One thing I think is needed from the membership is support with the raffle ticket sales. There has been a decline in boat raffle ticket sales the past couple of years and a turnaround is badly needed with this part of the program. The association’s survival depends on the raffle ticket sales so the ALBC can continue to do the things it does for the members and the youth in the state. The raffle ticket sales is also a method of putting revenue back into each of your clubs. Also, a club has an opportunity to win a boat.

I suggest the members of the association help recruit new members and/or clubs in the association. There are a lot of young or younger individuals fishing that are not participating in fishing clubs. I think this is why supporting and getting involved with the high school programs is so important for the association. The central La. area has done a good job getting the high schools involved and the directors in the other areas in the state need to talk to high schools in their areas to get those kids involved with the program. Those are highly potential members for the association. Even though the state legislature passed a resolution that high school bass fishing to be a high school sport, it will take some time before it is recognized by the LHSAA. The ALBC can help by drawing more attention to it by hosting tournaments for them.

I have heard questions asked by members that state: “What does the ALBC do for me”. I think it should be asked: “What can you do for the ALBC”. There’s so much members can do for the ALBC. Become a member, help recruit members, support raffle ticket sales, help with a high school club, beside fishing a tournament, help with weigh in, help with setting up and taking down material that is needed to put on the tournament, help cook at tournaments, help obtaining sponsors, help with youth fishing tournaments, the list goes on. The ALBC staff does all of this and more for the members. Be grateful.

I want to thank everyone that was involved, helped, supported, was a member, friend, sponsor or in any way involved with the ALBC that past several years for the support you gave to the association, staff and myself. I have enjoyed my involvement and help leading the association. I can only hope that you give the new President and his staff the same support that was shown to me.

Hope to see you on the water.


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