The Association of Louisiana Bass Clubs (A.L.B.C.) was formed in 1970. It is made up of six districts and has grown to around 2800 members.

Each club fishes throughout the year and the Best 6 fisherman and two alternates from each club are eligible to fish the Best 6 Tournament hosted by the A.L.B.C. The tournament is held at Toledo Bend during the first weekend of May. The A.L.B.C has an Annual Boat Raffle for two boats: One is given to an individual that has purchased a raffle ticketĀ and the other one is give to a participating bass club.

In addition, we support our local, younger communities, by requiring that each A.L.B.C. District hosts a Kids' Tournament in their area. Each year, there are a growing number of young participants...last year, 1800 kids fished statewide.

It is open to any organized bass club in the State of LA with a minimum of 12 members and a minimum age of 15. More information about joining our here.

Meet Our Officers

ALBC Director:
Bill Travis

Vice President:

Ronnie Cooper

Acadiana Bass Club/Lafayette

Maxine Trahan

Cajun Couples Bass Club

Our Mission

  1.   Work for improvements in conservation of          wildlife.

  2.   Help preserve our lakes, streams, and          woodlands.

  3.   Fight pollution of air and water.

  4.   Help fight unlawful taking of fish and game.

  5.   Help Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries
        Comission in any way feasible to improve         fellowship amoung bass anglers
        throughout the state.

President's more

By-Laws And Operating Manual
Members, please be sure that you are familiar with the context within the ALBC's By-Laws and Operating Manual